Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cosplay movie in 3D, LA premiere

3D Cosplay Film Premieres at LA 3D Film Festival Dec. 6th

 "Cosplay Dreams 3D", the first film at about the reality and fantasy of "costume play" shot in stereoscopic 3D, is world-premiering on Dec. 6th.

Cosplay Dreams 3D, the first film at about the world-wide phenomenon of "costume play" shot in stereoscopic 3D, is world-premiering as the headlining film for the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival Dec. 6th 2014 at the L.A Live Regal Cinemas. The feature film will be presented in Real-D™ 3D for the first time, and followed by an all-ages Cosplay Costume after party at the Hotel Figueroa.

The filmmakers made their rounds filming Cosplay at some of the world's largest and most stunning venues, in the process they managed to gain a following nearly 50,000 strong on Facebook and social media, and have been holding packed preview screenings and panels at San Diego Comic-Con, and most recently Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo.


"We wanted to make this film about the world of Cosplay, for the people who are being introduced to this culture, but we are also hoping to show veteran Cosplayers scenes and events that will absolutely amaze and inspire them." comments Executive Producer Christine Kasal Parascandolo. "This film has taken us deep into a community of artists who pay homage to our favorite films, video games, comic books by transforming who they are into these pop icons. And what we found is that many Cosplayers choose their characters based on traits they find within themselves."

The LA3DFF is hosting its first Cosplay Costume party following the world premiere at the historic Hotel Figueroa across the street from the theater. The event will be all-ages to accommodate the anticipated Cosplay attendees and fans of the film.

Cosplay Dreams 3D will be premiering on Dec. 6th at 8:00PM in the Regal Cinemas L.A. LIVE theater #5.

More info. at www.facebook.com/cosplaydreams3d and trailers here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PLudpFaTWEC6

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You're the Han That I Want

Again, thanks to RipCurl808 for putting this, and the following videos of Masquerade on Youtube for all of us, or they'd only be seen live on stage by the few that could make it to San Diego for Comic Con and into Masquerade on Saturday night 

Monday, August 11, 2014

the New York Times has an interesting angle to their coverage.... the cosplayers weapons

And I found it surprising and rewarding to hear the police say that crime goes down during Comic Con due to the nature of the attendees

Sunday, August 10, 2014

This has to be a movie prop, it can't be a cosplayer! She would need bodyguards

Realizing that the original actress playing Mystique was in body makeup, not a body sock, and that the recent Mystique was in a body sock, as she had more screen time and they had to cut down the make up time for every day of filming, the level of overt sexual attractiveness is pegging the meter for men in the vicinity or visual field, to go to Comic Con as Mystique would require many bodyguards in reply to the sex crazed guys it would create. This is the crux of my argument with the costume doesn't equal consent issue... to display so much sexual attraction is to create a sexual problem among the human males, and some females, regardless of age or intellect. That would be exactly why this character was created naked, to sell comics to readers enjoying the titillation from the sexy female characters. That's why they have big breasts and zero body fat. Your thoughts?

in contrast, no one is getting aroused by the Miyazaki character "No Face" from Spirited Away

Friday, August 8, 2014

Good video coverage of the 2014 cosplayers found at Comic Con 2014

The good stuff only lasts 3 minutes, the last 90 seconds is the producer letting you know his website, news of the next couple videos coming out one a week for the next couple of weeks

It's all about being in the spirit, and letting your inhibitions disappear behind the costume. Raise Your Glass, by Sneaky Zebra and a London Comic Con

A bigger better variety of characters than other videos... and Danny Glover is too old for this shit (drops the mic)

While in the Hall H line, and somewhere around 2am, I was talking to Susan in line, and the following short animated films came up in conversation, she hasn't seen them, and I recommend them highly

the original is only the animated part, but the embed ability isn't on it, so if you wish to, here is the URL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=badHUNl2HXU

A favorite moment from Hall H on Friday, during the Book of Life panel, Biz Markie leading 6500 laughing fans in "You Got What I Need"

Not from the con, but related to cosplay "Prop Wars" (pretty funny)

From the imagination of "Sneaky Zebra"

Best video of the 2014 cosplayers I think I've seen yet!

From the same outfit "Sneaky Zebras" is the following from London, not as completely stunning... but a damn good honorable mention

Even business websites adore Comic Con cosplayers

From the Geeky Girls facebook page gallery

Ken Whitehouse posted a gallery of Cosplay on Flikr, these are my favorites


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ursula's Grotto

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway!

Agents of A.I.M.

Edith Head's peacock cape, wow

Costume number 23, Ha Ha ha! Whooo! Yeahhhh! When Fan Worlds Collide, one of my favorites! Susan Shinkai, you deserve a medal!

I'm not a fan of ballet.. but damn it. Gotta give lots of respect to cosplayers that pull off a ballet routine at Masquerade

Again, huge nerd love to Rip Curl 808 for posting this and the other masquerade players one at a time!

With huge nerd love to Dani-Girl / Rip Curl 808 who posted the individual Cosplayer skits from Comic Con 2014 Masquerade! Here's "The Perfect Storm"

Comic Con 2014 Masquerade, Be A Fan

Skip the first minute and 30 seconds of nonsense, get right to the costume contest

Iron Man costume maker level black belt!

the next post you see is the same guy 2 years earlier

Winner of best Iron Man at the 2012 Marvel booth Saturday costume contest

winner of Best Large Color Tattoo 2012 at the Titanic Ink Tattoo Convention in 2012, and other tats

Thursday, July 31, 2014

If you've been to Comic Con, and sat in the Hall H line, you're probably familiar with the religious nuts with the megaphones and the signs. last year and this year, some hilarious opposition showed up

Last year this teriffic guy showed up and mimed to the Hall H line what idiots the religious nuts with megaphones were... below you can see him shooting them with his fingers

This year some guys made cardboard signs that read Kneel Before Zod, Galactus is Nigh, and Godzilla Saves

a much better photo from http://comicsbeat.com/sdcc-14-report-comic-con-attendees-are-cheapskates-again/

the metal Samurai from the movie Wolverine, Comic Con 2013

at Comic Con 2013, near the Hall H line tents, this lit up Optimus Prime was just amazing

Bellatrix LaStrange, Comic Con 2013

Manny Llanura has done a LOT of photography at Comic Con 2014

For his entire Flikr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wbmstr

Spy vs Spy

Found on the Flikr page of Manny Llanura https://www.flickr.com/photos/wbmstr/page9/

Spy vs Spy and an animatronic