Thursday, July 31, 2014

If you've been to Comic Con, and sat in the Hall H line, you're probably familiar with the religious nuts with the megaphones and the signs. last year and this year, some hilarious opposition showed up

Last year this teriffic guy showed up and mimed to the Hall H line what idiots the religious nuts with megaphones were... below you can see him shooting them with his fingers

This year some guys made cardboard signs that read Kneel Before Zod, Galactus is Nigh, and Godzilla Saves

a much better photo from

the metal Samurai from the movie Wolverine, Comic Con 2013

at Comic Con 2013, near the Hall H line tents, this lit up Optimus Prime was just amazing

Bellatrix LaStrange, Comic Con 2013

Manny Llanura has done a LOT of photography at Comic Con 2014

For his entire Flikr page:

Spy vs Spy

Found on the Flikr page of Manny Llanura

Spy vs Spy and an animatronic

the most incredible event of Comic Con 2013... Loki in Hall H

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My favorite costumes from Comic Con 2013

I saw Fred Flintstone again this year!

But I did not see the Tooth Fairy this year

she said it took 250 hours to make this costume

These are my favorites from last years photos I took,

The Time Lords performing "12"

with nerd love to Rip Curl 808 / Dani - Girl for posting this!

Giant Monsters All Out Attack

To read about these women and their winning skit at Masquerade: 

“Giant Monsters All Out Attack” — Lisa Truong, Lynleigh Sato, Wendy Colon, and Cindy Purchase. As should be evident in the admittedly fuzzy picture above, the costumes were not literal recreations of the four monsters’ film design, and their mode of wreaking havoc was more akin to a chaste burlesque than wanton carnage. However, it is precisely this blend of playfulness and novelty that made their designs stand out.

Marvel had a costume contest Saturday about 530pm to 7pm

One of my favorite cosplayers is at the 3 minute mark, the janitor of SHIELD

Some of my favorite coplayers and costumes from 2014

Fallen Stars, a musical duo making an original song for each episode of Firefly, and one for the movie Serenity

her hat is the Firefly, and on a wire above it, the shuttle!

for more info, see their website  whose goal is to write a song for each episode of the Firefly show, and one for Serenity the movie
Her dress is the ship Firefly, and the bottom has the glowing tail section 

From the music duo The Fallen Stars, their album Leaves on the Wind, and the song "Still Flying" just one of 15 original songs about Firefly

It's a video game character, and was behind the Hyatt