Sunday, August 10, 2014

This has to be a movie prop, it can't be a cosplayer! She would need bodyguards

Realizing that the original actress playing Mystique was in body makeup, not a body sock, and that the recent Mystique was in a body sock, as she had more screen time and they had to cut down the make up time for every day of filming, the level of overt sexual attractiveness is pegging the meter for men in the vicinity or visual field, to go to Comic Con as Mystique would require many bodyguards in reply to the sex crazed guys it would create. This is the crux of my argument with the costume doesn't equal consent issue... to display so much sexual attraction is to create a sexual problem among the human males, and some females, regardless of age or intellect. That would be exactly why this character was created naked, to sell comics to readers enjoying the titillation from the sexy female characters. That's why they have big breasts and zero body fat. Your thoughts?

in contrast, no one is getting aroused by the Miyazaki character "No Face" from Spirited Away

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